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DOes Anyone Know Where ThiS Is FroM?

It's driving me nuts!!!

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But we found him. He's was gone since yesterday. He's my older bro. The problem here was that he's has autism, meaning he's mentally retarded.

My god he was gone the whole night, my cousin was helping us look for him. Finally we just called the police.

See what had happened was that my cousins kids were playing outside with by little brother (who also has autism) and older brother went outside with them. I finished playing Zelda on my Wii, and I called out to the kids saying that they can play on it. Everyone went inside except my older bro. My cousin told him to get inside. He got really pissed but got inside anyway. He threw a tantrum and starting hitting my cousin, but I stoped him.

My cousin's took him outside (which I told him not to do...). I mean honestly, what could he expect to do. He's 10 (my cousin's kid). My mom and cousin were watching him from the window. And turned away for about a minute. He was gone. They quickly started to look for him. It started getting late and they called the police.

I went off to school in the morning and they still hadn't found him. I went off to school because I couldn't stand being home. My mom just shut down. She was expecting the worst. Well according to her while I was school the police were looking everywhere. They were look in this wooden area near my home. They had dogs and some police men were on horseback. All of our neightbours were keeping an eye out for him. They found him near the freeway waving at cars. I found went I called my mom after school (had to stay late).

I just dont know what we're going to do with him. We're even thinking about senting him to a special home... We don't want to do that. But he's not really leaving us many opnions...

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Oh god! I just finished reading Ch. 28 of Changeling, a fantasy fanfic about Scrubs, on RandomWeaver. I was tearing up so bad. :'( SO SAD! *really cries* As weird as the plot sounds, it's just too good... *sigh*

Oooo... almost 3am. My mom is about to wake up... damn!

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I'm new, that makes me special... but not in the little bus way. I use to have an account on. Stuff happened, I couldn't get online for awhile... and I never found out what happen to it. Main reason for getting this is because I like slash. 

Mainly Star Trek slash. Star Trekking!!!!!!!! I love so much it hurts... owww.... my <3 heart. *dies*

*comes back to life* So anyways... Yeah, so that's really it. (actually there is more... just too lazy to type)

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